Harvest Pack

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The Harvest pack is a rigid basket woven from wild harvested Cucharilla agave by Mixtec artisans of Oaxaca. It is woven when the agave leaves are still green and pliable but over time the leaves will dry to a tan/brown colour. Basketry of wild harvested agave is becoming rarer to find in Oaxaca and we're very happy to be able to support the indigenous communities that continue practicing this art. 

  • Handwoven cucharilla agave

  • Genuine leather straps


As each bag is handwoven, there will be slight variations in size and shape, but its approximate measurements are:

35 cm x 23cm


When cared for properly, these bags are meant to serve you for many years to come. Some care tips include:

  • spot clean bag with a damp towel and dry in the shade